Monday Morning Soul Card Readings

 Every Monday I will pull two divination cards for you. If you open that email that means that the reading is for you. Listen to your Soul and when you see the Monday Morning Soul Reading in your inbox you decide if it’s for you that day.

This will help you get more in touch with your Soul’s voice and sharpen your listening skills so that you can follow your intuition with less confusion.

Only to the degree a mother is in touch with her unique Soul’s path can she guide her children on theirs.

Why Soul Card Readings? I’ve been teaching and doing readings for two decades and have personally seen peoples lives transcend based on taking them seriously. There is an art to working with cards and interpreting their meaning. The wisdom these cards hold are directly tapped into the guidance that help us navigate our lives to happiness.

Now I will take the time to connect | pull cards | and read to you ever Monday.

Saskia Roell

 Today’s Cards

The First Card is from Colette Baron- Reid’s The Enchanted Map


You are in the process of deep and beautiful change.
“Butterflies earn their wings through great effort. The process of change is often painful, for it is never without losses and sacrifices.

If you transform one form to another, a part needs to die.
Letting go isn’t easy, especially when you’re used to thinking a certain way about your life and how you live it.

Soul Guidance:

Change can be messy. Be allowing.
Don’t judge yourself in this process.

What part of you or your life needs to “die”?
Trust your beautiful wings to carry you.


The Second Card is from The Raider – Waite Tarot Deck 

The Star: 

” The Star represents hope for the future. The water is being poured from the jugs to replenish the land and sea. Rejuvenation will come, although perhaps not just yet. Though doors have closed, windows surely open as the time passes.

Traditionally, hope, inspiration, faith, promise.”

Soul Guidance:

I love it when I pull the Star card. If you look at the first card this card is the best card you can pull in the transformation process.

This card is pure positive and represents faith and trust. The Universe is on your side, if you let it.  

This beautiful naked woman pours all her cups back into the water because she knows the Universe is abundantly supplying her. 

She has no fear because she has plenty of trust.

Where can you trust more? 


what is your soul saying What is your Soul saying to you today? Act upon your inner guidance.Your Soul wants you to live your dream and unleash your potential and there’s simply too much at stake if you don’t…Every Monday look out for the Monday Soul Card Reading and get the support you need to live the life of your dreams.Go deep with the cards today and clear up anything that stands between you and your dreams. Your gift is needed in the world.With Love,Saskia Signature