Monday Morning Soul Card Readings

Every Monday I will pull two divination cards for you. If you open that email that means that the reading is for you. Listen to your Soul and when you see the Monday Morning Soul Reading in your inbox you decide if it’s for you that day.

This will help you get more in touch with your Soul’s voice and sharpen your listening skills so that you can follow your intuition with less confusion.

Only to the degree a mother is in touch with her unique Soul’s path can she guide her children on theirs.

Why Soul Card Readings? I’ve been teaching and doing readings for two decades and have personally seen peoples lives transcend based on taking them seriously. There is an art to working with cards and interpreting their meaning. The wisdom these cards hold are directly tapped into the guidance that help us navigate our lives to happiness.

Now I will take the time to connect | pull cards | and read to you ever Monday.

Saskia Roell

 Today’s Cards

The First Card is from Abraham and Esther Hicks Ask and Its Given Cards

When my desires and Beliefs Are a Vibrational Match:

“That which is like unto itself is drawn, so the vibration of your Being must match the vibration of your desire. Another way of saying that is: Your desires and your beliefs must be vibrational match in order for you to receive that which you desire.”

Soul Guidance:

Even though you want something, deep down a part of you can stop you. Your subconscious beliefs can sabotage your dream.


Deep in your subconscious mind runs a river. If it flows in tandem with your conscious mind. If you have beliefs that hold you back it feels like you swim upstream and the undercurrent is too strong to get you to the other side.


What belief does not serve you? Name 3 reasons to keep it.


Name 3 reasons to let it go. 


The Second Card is from Denise Linn’s  Gateway Oracle Cards Guidebook

Listening with Your Heart:

“The heart knows what the mind cannot uncover. Trust the message you receive from your heart. If you’re facing a decision and your mind says one thing but your heart says another, follow the dictates of your heart and you’ll be on the right path.

Follow this guidance. The correct path will appear, for Spirit wants to speak with you right now.”

Soul Guidance:

Your Soul speaks through your heart.

Place one hand over your heart and listen.

Ask yourself if there is an area in your life in which you need to listen to your heart rather than your mind.

what is your soul saying What is your Soul saying to you today? Act upon your inner guidance.Your Soul wants you to live your dream and unleash your potential and there’s simply too much at stake if you don’t…Every Monday look out for the Monday Soul Card Reading and get the support you need to live the life of your dreams.Go deep with the cards today and clear up anything that stands between you and your dreams. Your gift is needed in the world.With Love,Saskia Signature